Friday, October 30, 2009

fall sewing: part 2


You guessed it...Halloween. The kids usually try to adopt some sort of theme for Halloween, but there is always one dissenting voice in the bunch. For example, the year we did the Frankenstein theme, Stella was the bride of Frank, Javen as the man-made man himself, Max was Dr. Frankenstein, and Caleb was...Jango Fett. He insisted. He HAD to be Jango Fett. Nothing in the Frankenstein lineup would quite suffice. Then was the year of the Nintendo costumes. Stella was Princess Peach, Javen and Max were the mustached duo, Mario and Luigi, Caleb was a spectacular Link, from Legend of Zelda, and Ty was...Jak-jak from the Incredibles. See a pattern? One dissenting voice. Okay, so that year didn't entirely count, since it was Momma who broke down and bought baby Ty his Incredibles costume, after sewing Mario, Luigi, and Link, I'd had enough of the sewing machine that year.

Fast Forward to this year. Caleb is in Michigan with his dad, and has become to much of an almost teenager to trick or treat, in his words, not mine. Stella picked the mother of all Tim Burton-esque themes, Alice in Wonderland. I was beside myself, I had it all worked out, Stella would be Alice, Ty would be the White Rabbit, Javen would be the Mad Hatter, and Max would be the Cheshire Cat. Well, all heck broke loose when that was discussed. First off, Javen wanted no part of the theme, unless the Mad Hatter could carry a ninja sword, then decided to opt out all together to be A GI Joe Ninja, Max then refused to be the cat, and was basically flat out mortified I would even suggest such a thing because the cat "has pink stripes!!!" so Max was bumped up to the role of Mad Hatter, Stella of course, was still beside herself to be Alice, and momma talked the unsuspecting 3 year old into being the Cheshire Cat and wearing the infamous pink stripes. All is well, and the sewing is nearly done!! I should work as an international mediator.

Stella's Alice costume was sewn with McCall's 4948, but the Mad Hatter is a combination of thrifted, recycled items, and Momma's imagination. :)





  1. you are a sewing superstar ! only in my dreams i can sew these types of things!

  2. Aw thank you! I am still learning, but I now feel like if I can sew a double puffed sleeve I can do anything, lol!