Monday, October 19, 2009

Little splurges...


I am, shall we say, a sucker for ANYTHING retro. So, naturally, when I was grocery shopping with my husband, and he pointed out these nifty cereal boxes...I had to have them! To add to my excitement, Post has chosen two of my favorite childhood cereal's to show off these cool vintage boxes. My mom spent the better part of my childhood stuck in the late 80's aerobics and health food craze, so sugary cereals were strictly forbidden in our home. If I managed a particularly sad puppy dog face, I was awarded with a box of "sweet" Raisin Bran, or Grape Nuts which I would secretly sprinkle with sugar. Oddly enough, those formative lessons stuck, and my husband and I have been waging a years long battle over dominance of the cereal shelf in the pantry. My kids get Cheerios, Special K Redberries, and Kashi Granola when I shop, and he will spitefully buy them boxes of Lucky Charms, Fruit Loops, and Frankenberry...of course, he takes first place with the kids in this particular realm. Sigh...


  1. first of all, your photography skills are very good, secondly i need to buy some of these myself ! i love raisin bran, as a kid we had that and shredded wheat stocked in our cupboards.

  2. thank you!! yes, i was so thrilled when i found these funny little boxes. i think everyone should go back to vintage packaging, or glass.